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Welcome to SoulMentors, an emerging, inclusive and agenda-free approach to helping persons explore the deeper issues of life in a way that allows them to find meaningful and fulfilling answers for themselves.  This new site is the beachhead for a much more comprehensive web site, to be posted in the near future.  This approach has been put together over my lifetime career in the counseling profession, based on these many years of personal and professional experiences exploring the theme of human spiritual development. 

Persons of all religious persuasions, and no religious persuasion are welcome here.  Here, is an opportunity to explore the possibility of a spiritual reality based upon your own unfolding experience – without the pressures of any persuasion at all.

SoulMentors is a way of thinking and being; it is not about joining anything. Just by reading here, you are participating; just by “trying on” or “being open to consider” these ideas, you a part of it. Indeed, since SoulMentors is an organized approach for defining a process of emerging consciousness around the world in this era, you may discover that you have a soulmentor approach to life even before visiting this site!

A fathomless debt of gratitude is offered to all of my mentors and teachers, known and unknown, on all levels, seen and unseen, who have been the wind in my sails and the navigators of the course that is becoming SoulMentors. May all of us who are inspired to follow a soulmentors course in receiving and offering support find our highest meaning and purpose in the great spiritual adventure of life.

A Very Brief Overview

While this interim site lays down the basic groundwork for the SoulMentors model, it has three purposes: 

1)      SoulMentors begins a process of structuring an online course that will help persons seeking to explore their spiritual needs, online, through this approach. The course will be offered free of charge online and will include peer and professional (helping professions, including clergy) “certification” in the SoulMentors approach – this certification indicating a claim to observance of the principles of the SoulMentors approach over traditional approaches.

2)      SoulMentors is the home of  my counseling/mentorship practice – offering both local, regional and online support employing the SoulMentors approach for those who seek help, as well as consultation on applications of the SoulMentors approach. Because I am semi-retired, exploring some cutting-edge counseling methods, and focusing upon my writing and the development of this model, non-clinical SoulMentorship counseling services to individuals is offered on a donation basis, with no persons being turned away for financial reasons.  Details are yet to be worked out, but provisional information on the counseling process is available on my present long-standing site: .

3)      Academic and Research Development:  SoulMentors begins a process of structuring a spiritual helping model that will help us recognize, define and meet universal human spiritual development needs reflected by an emerging world consciousness that spirituality is an intrinsic, verifiable, human developmental process of paramount importance to our existence.  It is equal to and coextensive with helping models for human psychological development. This process can include, exist independently of, or even transcend, doctrines and practices of religious traditions. Finally, this process recognizes and accepts all aspects of a possible human spiritual development continuum, from self-reported atheists and agnostics, through believers and spiritual experiencers, with no value judgment, offering support to all.  Feedback and dialogue is invited from all others interested in exploring the SoulMentors approach.

SoulMentors - An Emerging Way of Exploring the Possibilities of a Spiritual, or Multidimensional Reality

I invite you to ask yourself this question:  Is my religious, spiritual, or philosophical path in life giving me enough of what I need to satisfy me with respect to my ultimate questions about the deeper meanings of life?  How about this one:  Is there any way I can explore these questions without somebody trying to hard-sell me on a particular belief system?  Or, Isn’t there a way I can look for answers without having to join some group and become a believer – before I get to ask the questions, let alone get the answers?  (continued . . .)

Some Thoughts you are invited to consider . . .

Nothing blinds us to the truth more than fear.  Does fear influence your spiritual life?  From where does your fear originate? Are your religious beliefs based on fear, guilt or shame?

How we answer our ultimate questions determines how we live our whole lives. Do you feel safe to explore your ultimate questions?  Why, or why not?  Have you answered your ultimate questions to your satisfaction . . . or did you accept the answers of others? What emotion was behind your acceptance?

(For the God-fearing folk...) Would a God of love, mercy and compassion truly use fear as coercion to believe,  or condemn such children who ask deeper questions and hold out for answers that fulfill their longings?  Would we do this to our children? If not, would we then have more grace and compassion than our creator?

(For self-identified agnostics and atheists...) Are your judgments about the possibility of a spiritual/multidimensional reality conclusive - or are you open to deeper exploration?  What is behind your position - emotions, logic, or both?  Would the idea of exploring for possibilities outside the framework of religion have any appeal for you? 

(For victims of spiritual abuse, religious burn-outs and all the rest of us...) What if our not being willing to explore our spirituality will leave us always feeling somehow unfilled . . . like something is always missing or incomplete in us?  What if our spiritual journey has the potential for fulfilling all of our yearnings and becoming our greatest adventure in life . . . and we never got past the gate? What can we find in ourselves that stands in our way of becoming?

This temporary page is a beginning . . .

Imagine if you came to visit a place of deeper learning and discovered partial displays, unpacked boxes and construction work everywhere.  Imagine that those you meet in that setting explain that they are so excited to be sharing their discoveries that enough is available to form an initial presentation - because there is a world of need for even that right now. They give you a brief tour of the place, invite your much-valued feedback on this work-in-progress and heartily invite you to return, as much as your interests and needs apply. May this be your experience here on the SoulMentors site.

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